Know the reason behind Christmas celebration

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Christmas is the biggest festival in Christianity. Although almost every religion now celebrates it on December 25th.

There is always a reason to celebrate each festival, therefore today we'll tell you the reason for celebrating Christmas.

According to the popular story of Christianity, God sent an angel named Gabriel to a woman named Maryam.

Gabriel told Maryam that the child born from her would be named Jesus Christ. And he will become a king, whose kingdom will be unlimited.

Jesus Christ is considered to be the child of God, and the festival of Christmas is also named after him.

There have been many differences regarding the date of birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible, but still, Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

The first festival associated with Christmas was celebrated in Rome in 336 AD. Christmas is also called "Big Day."

The Christmas festival is also known as Xmas. On this day, a Christmas tree is made, and it is celebrated by giving gifts to each other.

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