Know Why New Year Resolutions Fail - New Year Resolutions 2023

Every year we make lots of New Year's resolutions but can't keep them for long. Most of the people failed to accomplish their resolutions.

There are lots of reasons why resolutions fail. Here are five points about which you should think carefully before making any resolutions.

1- Unrealistic Resolutions

Sometimes we make resolutions that are out of our reach. So be kind to yourself and make resolutions that are realistic and easily achievable.

2- The Lack of Planning

We make resolutions but never think about how to reach them. When you make a resolution, you also must have a plan to achieve it successfully.

3- Influenced by Others.

Sometimes we get influenced by others; we think that my friend is doing that, so I will also do it in the new year. Always make resolutions according to your life.

4- Bunch of Resolutions

Some of us make 10–15 new resolutions each year, but the more resolutions we make, the more burden we feel. So make 4-5 resolutions and stick with them throughout the year.

5- Less motivation

Motivation is also a key factor in achieving our New Year's resolutions. People with less motivation tend to break their resolutions easily.