Arthur Ashe was a top African American tennis player in the 1990s. He was the first and only black man to win three Grand Slam Singles Titles (U.S. Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon Cup).

His life, however, drastically changed in 1983. He had a heart attack, and the blood transfused to him during the surgery was from an HIV positive person.

As a result, he contracted the disease AIDS. He made his illness known to everyone in 1992. After knowing about his illness, Fans from all around the world began sending him sympathetic letters.

Once he got a letter in which the fan asked him, "Why did God choose only you to give such a bad disease?"

Arthur replied to the fan, "In this world, every year 50 million children start playing tennis. 5 million of them practise professional tennis,

out of which 5 lakh take professional tennis training, then 50 thousand of them reach professional tennis court."

Of which 5,000 go to the Grand Slam, and then 50 to Wimbledon, followed by 4 to the semifinals, and 2 to the final.

And when I won the final and got that winning trophy in my hand, I never asked God, 'Why only me..? Even now, when I have this disease, I should not ask God, "why me?"

Lesson we learn- We learn that life is unpredictable; we don't know what will happen in the next moment. So always be kind to yourself and to others.

When your time is good, enjoy it. When your time is bad, don't blame anyone, not even God. Just wait & remind yourself that "it shall too pass".

Sometimes we can not change the things that are in our destiny, but the only thing that matters is how we live with that, with sorrow or with joy.

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