Who Was Saint Valentine | Saint Valentine's Story

Every year we celebrate Valentine's Day in the name, memory, and love of Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine was born and lived in the 3rd century (201- 300 AD) of the Roman Empire.

As per hagiography, Saint Valentine was a Roman priest and also a former bishop of Terni.

Saint Valentine widely spread Christianity and love. He also supported lovers and marriage in the Roman Empire.

In the time of Valentine, there was a Roman emperor Claudius Gothicus (Claudius III). He banned the marriage of young couples in his empire.

Saint Valentine disobeyed the decision of Claudius III and started getting people married secretly in the church.

When Claudius the Cruel heard about Valentine's acts. His soldiers arrested him and sentenced him to prison.

During his sentence, Valentine had fallen in love with the jailer's daughter. But on the day of February 14, around 270 AD, Valentine was sentenced to death.

From that day, the people of Rome started celebrating the day as a symbol of love, in the memory of Saint Valentine.

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