Jim Carrey, who belongs from a poor family. His father was a janitor, but the dream of a janitor's son was to be a famous Hollywood actor.

He started his career by doing comedy shows & stage shows. In the first few years, he struggled to earn enough money & was thinking of giving up on his dream.

In 1992, Jim Carrey reminded himself that he could also be a great actor in the future. To give his dream a hope, he wrote a 3 year post dated check

of 10 million dollars & kept the check in his wallet. He only wanted to earn this money by making films. In the year 1994,

something great happened to him & he got the leading role in the 'Ace Ventura:pet detective' movie. The movie did brilliantly at the box office & earned more than 100 million dollars.

Everyone appreciated the work of Jim Carrey & he became an overnight sensation in the film industry. In 1994,

two of his other films were hits & he earned more money than his self-written check. Now Jim Carrey is one of the top Hollywood actor & his net worth is 180 million dollars.

Lesson we learn- The story of Jim is all about believing in yourself. Jim Carrey believes that he has the ability & the talent to earn 10 million dollars by his acting.

His belief in himself made him work hard & he never ever think of giving up. The main  thing is that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

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