We all know that Khaby Lame is the most followed Tik Toker right now. But you know how he made this journey?

Before creating the TikTok videos, he was not a model, not a videographer, he was just an ordinary man with no skills. He earns a living just by working in a cigarette factory.

When Corona hit all over the world in 2020, lots of people lost their lives and their jobs too. Khaby Lame was also one of the unlucky person who lost his job in the time of pandemic.

He got depressed because he had no savings and not enough money in his bank account to live his life easily in the time of pandemic.

After losing his job for three months, Khaby Lame tries to post videos on tik tok. He started making reaction videos.

In contrast to those who demonstrate life hacks in more complex ways, he demonstrates how to use them in an easy and straightforward manner.

He made his video without saying a single word. His videos are genuine and depict the true reality of events.

People enjoy his reaction videos & his simple life hacks with straight forward mentality. He gradually gained popularity among Tik Tokers.

Khaby Lame is currently one of the most popular & famous Tik Tok star. He charges $400,000 for a single post.

He has a net worth of $13 million. A cigarette  factory worker is now a successful Social Media Personality.

Lesson of this story- Life will not be fair to us every time, but the important thing is that if something happens to you, how will you react? How will you bounce back?

There are lots of opportunities for those who seek them. There are enough chances for those who want to do something different. You have to think differently to become a successful person.

You have to work hard for your success. Remember, sometimes the end of something good is the start of something great.