The Six Rules of Success by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image Source: Sikimedia Commons

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born on 30 July 1947. He is an Australian American actor, producer, and retired bodybuilder.

Arnold rose to prominence as a bodybuilder. He is also regarded as the greatest bodybuilder of all the time.

From his experience of life and failures, Arnold has shared the six rules by which anybody can achieve success.

#1. Trust yourself

People who do not have trust in themselves and their work. They can never succeed, so always have faith in yourself.

#2. Break some rules

Sometimes you have to break some rules to become successful. Don't do what everyone is doing. Make your own rules.

#3. Don’t be afraid to fail

Failure teaches you a lot, and failure is a part of success. Never be afraid of it; instead, learn from it and grow. 

#4. Ignore the naysayers

People with jealousy always stand against you and will oppose you through their words. Ignore those and step ahead.

#5. Work like hell

You know that work is worship. So keep up the hard work. Don't be lazy until you become successful.

#6. Give something back

Don't be someone who only wants to make money. If you have enough, give it to those who are in desperate need.

So these are the six rules of success shared by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Only follow these rules if you find them helpful and meaningful.

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