An inspirational message from the life story of Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone.

At present Sylvester Stallone is one of the biggest & famous Hollywood actor. But he had to struggle a lot from the very beginning of his filmy career.

His condition became such that he did not even have money to feed his family. To meet his expenses, he had to sell even his wife's jewelry. 

He also sold his dog for $25. Even after all this, he gave himself a last chance and wrote the story of a film for himself which was named 'Rocky'.

After completing the story of 'Rocky', Sylvester talked with lots of investors to make movie on his script but many

investors and producers refused to give Stallone the role of a hero in his own movie, but he did not give up and found people who would help him,

and when the film Rocky was released in 1976, it became a hit all over the world. Stallone became a superstar.

Stallone became an example for the whole world on the basis of his hard work, effort, dedication and the attitude of never giving up.

Life Lesson We Learn - People who never give up easily on their dreams always make a way to fulfill them.

So never get worried about your initial failures, always give a last try until you become successful.

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