Once upon a time, two monks were washing their feet on the bank of a river. One of the monks suddenly saw a drowning scorpion.


The monk gently grabbed the scorpion and pulled the scorpion out of the water. But in order to save the scorpion...


that scorpion stung the monk in his hand. After a while the second monk saw the Scorpion & said to the fist monk


'Hey look the foolish Scorpion is again came to water & again drowning.'

The first monk again saved the scorpion but the scorpion again stung him.

The second monk said to him, 'This scorpion stung you again, yet you saved it..!'

The monk replied, 'Because the nature of the scorpion is to 'STUNG' & the nature of mine is to 'SAVE'.

Lesson of this story- Never change yourself just because of the sake of others. If you are good then always be good,

never ever get influenced with bad people & never adapt their bad behavior. You can only save your soul by just being you. Always be good.

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