These questions will change how you see yourself and your life. After answering each question, you will realise what sort of person you are, what kind of personality you have, and what kind of life you are living.

#1- Ask yourself: What am I doing about the things that are most important in my life?

#2- Ask yourself:  When was the last time I did something nice for someone else?

#3- Ask yourself: Am I a source of inspiration for my friends and family?

#4- Ask yourself: When was the last time you did something that you were afraid of?

#5- Ask yourself: Am I holding onto something that would be better to let go of?

#6- Ask yourself: What are the biggest actions i can take now to create the biggest results in my life?

#7- Ask yourself: Am I happy with my career? If not, what could I change about my job to be happier and more satisfied?

#8- Ask yourself: If time and money were no object, what would I do with my life?

#9- Ask yourself: Do I surround myself with mostly positive or mostly negative people? How does that work for me?

#10- Ask yourself: What are your biggest goals and dreams? What’s stopping you from pursuing them?

#11- Ask yourself: What bad habits do i need to break & why?

#12- Ask Yourself: Am I really Happy with my life? If not then Why?

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