9 Powerful Health Affirmations For a Better Life

#1- "I am fortunate to have a healthy body, which always keeps me away from any disease."

#2- "I have a healthy body, which always keeps me energetic and resilient throughout the day."

#3- "I am avoiding any kind of intoxicant, beverage, or food that affects my health negatively."

#4- "I am doing regular exercise to keep my body strong, capable, fit, and healthy."

#5- "My health and my body are under my control, and I am making the right choices to improve them."

#6- "Because of my healthy body, I always feel happy, energetic and powerful."

#7- "I am getting enough sleep at night, which keeps my body relaxed and active for a new day."

#8- "I am eliminating all the negative thoughts from my mind that make me worry about my health and wellbeing."

#9- "I trust in the power and ability of my body to heal and rejuvenate itself."

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