Thick Brush Stroke

A life changing story of Pablo Picasso which give you a real life lesson.

We all know that Pablo Picasso was a great artist. Once a lady spotted Pablo Picasso in the market.

She stopped him, took out a piece of paper from her bag & said to him, 'Sir, I am a big fan of your art. 

Can you please draw a little beautiful painting for me..?' Picasso smiled & quickly drew a beautiful piece of art

and told the lady that the piece of art would be worth of a million dollars.'

The lady was shocked & said, 'you took approx. 30 seconds to make this art. How would it be so worthy..?'

Then Pablo Picasso replied, 'Madam, This 30 seconds art took my 30 years of practice.'

Learning of this story- The more you practice, the more your skills grow. when your skills grow you become excellent.

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