We all have a tendency to compare ourself to others. We start comparing, Even before we realise how negatively it can impact our life.

When we compare ourself to others, we discover something missing in ourself and something extraordinary in others,

which makes us feel undesirable and gives us a lot of stress and dissatisfaction. To put it simply,

we limit ourselves by comparing. We always see that others are happier than us, more successful than us, and living better life than us.

We always compare ourselves to those who are superior to us, whether in terms of job, career, or money.

We forget that there are many people who are significantly lower than us. However, we never consider them. We only pay attention to people that have a better life than us.

Rather than comparing yourself to others, it is best to work on yourself and the areas of your life where you want to improve.

Instead of comparing your life to those around you, you should focus on what you can do to make your dreams a reality.

Whether we want to or not, to be happy and keep ourselves ahead in life, we have to stop this kind of mentality.

Learn to live happily with what you have; do not cry for more and more. Whatever you have is enough to make your life pleasant.

So never try to compare yourself with others; rather, focus on building your life better then others but without comparing.

Always try to learn something valuable from others. Keep yourself always busy making yourself happy. Live with confidence and create a wonderful life.

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