Negative Effect of Using AI like ChatGPT

In today's digital world, everyone wants to do their work quickly, easily, and with less effort.

Now, AI is the best way to do complex tasks in minutes, like video editing, content writing, coding, and many more.

Yet as we all know, for every advantage a technology offers, there are a number of drawbacks as well.

A major negative effect of AI like Chat GPT is that it slowly decreases our thinking capacity and makes us less productive.

Day by day, we are depending more on AI. We are not using our minds to get new ideas & to do complex tasks.

Every time we use an AI tool to complete a task or to generate a new idea, it decreases our mental ability and creativity.

Suppose you are a coder and you want to write a code. For that, you visit ChatGPT, and AI gives you a unique code in a few minutes.

As you do this on a regular basis, it gets ingrained in your memory, & you no longer able to think properly for complex tasks on your own.

In such condition, your mind no longer gives you new ideas; rather, your mind starts suggesting, "Let's use AI once again."

And as soon as you begin using AI, even for simple problems, your mental capacity and ability to think begin to decline.

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