Michael Jackson was a world-renowned pop singer and dancer who elevated pop music to new heights. Michael Jackson is also renowned as the King of Pop.

On August 29, 1958, Michael Jackson was born in Indiana, United States. MJ was, The youngest and eight child of his parents. 

His mother name was Katherine, who was very fond of music and often used to sing music to her children. MJ developed an interest in music as a child after seeing his mother.

MJ's connection with his father was tense from the start. In an interview, referring to his father's violent behavior, Jackson stated that his father considered his children as money-making machines.

As a child, MJ used to study at home for about 3 hours with a private teacher. After that, hours of studio recording. As a result, he had no time to play with other children.

Michael Jackson made his musical debut alongside his elder brothers in the band "Jackson Brothers," which was directed by his father.

Motown Records signed Michael at a young age after noticing his unique dancing and singing abilities. In 1966, Jackson's band was renamed "Jackson 5."

When Michael was just 11 years old in 1969, his first solo song, "I Want You Back," was released, and it was a huge hit.

After this, in 1970, Michael's songs "The Love You Save" and "It Will Be There" hit the market, and he never looked back in his career.

Michael Jackson made his fourth album, "Dangerous," in 1990. This album also gained a lot of fame. It sold more than 20 million copies on the market.

In 1984, he received 8 of the 11 Grammys for his 'Thriller' album. So far, Michael Jackson has won the most awards.

MJ is also the winner of 23 Guinness World Records. Taking pop music to a new level, MJ was named "King of Pop" in 1987.

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