9 Unknown Facts Related to Irene Cara's Life 

#1- Irene Cara was born on March 18, 1959, in New York City, United States. Her real name was Irene Cara Escalera.

#2- Irene Cara was a famous 80s singer, songwriter, and actress. On November 25, 2022, she dies at the age of 63.

#3- At the age of five, Irene was able to play and learn the piano just by hearing a piece of music.

#4- Irene began her professional singing and dancing career by performing on Spanish-language television. 

#5- Irene Cara was well known for playing the role of Coco Hernandez in the 1980 film, which name is 'Fame'.

#6- In 1983, Cara sang the song 'Flashdance... What a Feeling', For this song, she won an Academy Award for best original song.

#7- In 1984, Cara won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and the American Music Awards for Best R&B Female Artist and Best Pop Single of the Year.

#8- During her singing career, Cara had three top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

#9- In 1986, Irene Cara married a stuntman named 'Conrad Palmisano', but they got divorced in 1991.

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