#1- Wake up from your dreams because it's time to make them come true.

#2- A new day comes with new opportunities. If you start early you will grab them all.

#3- Arise, awake and keep trying till you make your dreams come true.

#4- Everything is today, So whatever you want to do, do it today because sometimes life gets lost in waiting for tomorrow.

#5- Every day after waking up, Always say those words to you, 'Yes, I Can & I Will'

#6- If you want to make your tomorrow better, then start it from today itself.

#7- Make a goal in your life that makes you get out of bed every morning.

#8- If your time is bad then work hard, if your time is good then help someone.

#9- It's a new day, do something new. You may have lost yesterday but you can make a fresh start today.

#10- Say thank you to God every morning because he has given you one more chance to change and live your life.

#11- If you believe in yourself, then a day will surely come when the clock will be of others and the time will be yours.

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