Jack Ma is the ninth richest person in China. But from the beginning of his life he was a big failure. He struggled a lot in his life.

He started his career as a tourist guide & worked for 9 years. After that he started to look for a regular job but

after giving more than 30 interviews he did not get any job. Jack Ma was so unlucky that once he interviewed for

KFC with 24 other candidates but out of 24, 23 candidates got selected but the only one who got rejected was 'Jack Ma'.

He also applied for Harvard university 10 times, but got rejected. In 1994 Jack Ma heard about the internet & found that there are only a few Chinese websites.

Then he made lots of websites for Chinese people but none of the websites work. Finally Jack Ma gives his final try & collects some money from

his friends & relatives then launches an E-commerce website 'Alibaba Groups' with his 17 friends. The idea finally worked & Alibaba became a sensation in China.

Alibaba is now one of the most famous E-commerce websites in the world. After the immense success of Alibaba,

Jack Ma became the richest person. As per Forbes, Jack Ma was the 2nd richest person in China, in 2020. 

What We Learn- In life, no matter how many times you fail or get rejected, if you never give up, one day you will definitely get what

you always wanted. Rejections & failures are the part of our success, if we really want to be successful we have to learn from them. 

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