A Short Biography of Stephen Curry

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Wardell Stephen Curry II, a.k.a. Stephen Curry is a professional NBA player for the Golden State Warriors.

DOB & Age

Born on 14 March, 1988, Stephen Curry is currently 35 years old.


Stephen Curry's parents are Dell Curry (a former NBA player) and Sonya Curry.

Height & Weight

Stephen Curry is 6 feet, 2 inches (188 cm) tall & he weighs around 185 pounds (84 kg).


Curry graduated from Charlotte Christian School in 2006. He completed his college education at Davidson College.


Curry started his professional career in 2009. In 2009, the Golden State Warriors drafted him.

So far, He has played 882 games for the Golden State Warriors, in which he scored 21,712 points.

Curry is still playing for the Warriors. He is 4x NBA Champion, 9x NBA All Star & 2x NBA Most Valuable Player.


Stephen Curry married Ayesha Disa Curry on 30 July, 2011, in Charlotte.


Stephen Curry is the father of three children. Riley Curry (2012), Ryan Curry (2015) & Canon Curry (2018).

Net Worth

Stephen Curry has an estimated wealth of around $160 Million.

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