A Short Biography of Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nicholas Berkeley Mason, a.k.a Nick Mason is an English drummer and a founding member of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

DOB & Age

Born on 27 January, 1944, Nick Mason is currently 79 years old.


Nick Mason's parents are Ailsa Sarah and Bill Mason.

Height & Weight

Nick Mason is 5 feet, 8 inches (173 cm) tall, and he weighs around 143 lbs (65 kg).


Nick Mason completed his primary education at the Hall School, Hampstead, & Frensham Heights School.


In 1960, Nick Mason started his career as a drummer. 

He was one of the founding members of the band "Sigma 6," which later became Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd released 15 studio albums, & Mason is the only member to appear on every album.

In 2018, he also formed his own band called "Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets." He also published three books in his career.


Nick Mason has married twice in his life. He first married Lindy Rutter (1968-88) and then Annette Lynton (1990).


Nick Mason is the father of 4 children. Cary Mason (1973), Holly Mason (1970), Guy Mason (1988), & Chloe Mason (1991).

Net Worth

Nick Mason is a successful musician and has a net worth of around $180 million.

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