Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) - A Short Biography

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Keith Richards is an English musician, actor & songwriter. He got international fame as the guitarist & co-founder of the rock band "Rolling Stones."

DOB & Age

Keith Richards was born on December 18, 1943. He is currently 79 years old.


Keith Richards is the only child of Herbert William Richards & Doris Maud Lydia.

Height & Weight

Keith Richards is 5 feet, 8 inches (174 cm) tall & he weighs around 149.9 pounds (68 kg).


Keith Richards completed his early education from Wentworth Primary School. Later, he attended the Dartford Technical

High School for Boys, but in 1959, he spelled out of school and was sent to Sidcup Art College.

In Sidcup Art College, his focus shifted more towards music than study & in mid-1962, he left the college for his music career.


Keith Richards career started in 1962, when he co-founded the Rolling Stones & also became the lead guitarist of the band.

Richards spent his 45-year career with the Rolling Stones & also co-wrote some of the hits, including "Brown Sugar", "Start Me Up" & "Gimme Shelter."

In 1988, he also began his solo career & released his first solo album, "Talk Is Cheap."

So far in his career, Keith Richards has released 3 studio albums & worked in at least 22 movies.


In 1983, Keith Richards married to American actress & model Patti Hansen.


Richards is the father of 4 children. Marlon Leon Sundeep (1969), Angela Richards (1972), Theodora Richards (1985) & Alexandra Richards (1986)

Net Worth

The Rolling Stones' former lead guitarist, Keith Richards has a wealth of around $500 million.

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