A Short Biography of Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones)

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William George Wyman, professionally known as Bill Wyman. He rose to fame as the bassist for the Rolling Stones.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

DOB & Age

Bill Wyman was born on 24 October, 1936. He is currently 86 years old.


Bill Wyman is the son of William George Perks and Kathleen May ("Molly").

Height & Weight

Bill Wyman is 5 feet, 6 inches (168 cm) tall and he weighs around 136.6 pounds (62 kg).


Wyman completed his early education from Oakfield Primary School. Later, he attended the "Beckenham and Penge

County Grammar School" after passing the 11+ exam but he left the school before the GCE exam to do a job at his father's request.

Music Career

In 1962, Bill Wyman auditioned for the Rolling Stones and in the same year he was hired as the bass guitarist of the band.

He played bass on some of the Stones' most famous songs, including "Satisfaction", "Brown Sugar" &"Jumpin' Jack Flash." He left the band in 1993.

Bill Wyman's first solo album was "Stone Alone" (1976). He released 7 solo albums & 13 solo singles during his career.

Apart from his musical career, Wyman also worked as an author & wrote more than 10 books, including an autobiography, "Stone Alone."


Bill Wyman was married three times. First with Diane Cory (1959-69), second with Mandy Smith (1989-93) & third with Suzanne Accosta (1993).


Bill Wyman is the father of 5 children. Stephen Wyman (1962), Stephen Paul Wyman (1962),

Katherine Noelle Wyman (1994), Jessica Rose Wyman (1995) and Matilda Mae Wyman (1998).

The former bassist of the Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman, has a wealth of $80 million.

Net worth

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