9 Quotes and Sayings of Krist Novoselic (Nirvana)

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


"Don't follow a trend. Follow your heart." -Krist Novoselic


"Let's keep the music with us. We'll always have it." -Krist Novoselic


"She’s intense and passionate, so she’s perfect." -Krist Novoselic


"No band is special, no player royalty." -Krist Novoselic


"I live out in the country now and it’s quiet and it’s a place where I can think a lot." -Krist Novoselic


"I kind of discovered my voice for the first time, and the more I did it, the better it got." -Krist Novoselic


"But whenever history is in the making, there's some kind of intangible feeling." -Krist Novoselic


"Sunshine Cake is just a fun hobby thing. That's about it." -Krist Novoselic


"If you've got a guitar and a lot of soul, just bang something out and mean it. You're the superstar." -Krist Novoselic

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