9 Best Quotes and Sayings of Randy Meisner (The Eagles)

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"Some groups get started too fast, and they're in the studio before they're ready to record." -Randy Meisner 


"I thought I could get away, but music's in my blood." -Randy Meisner 


"I think you miss a person more after they're gone for a while." -Randy Meisner 


"When it got to the point of sanity or money, I thought I'd rather have sanity." -Randy Meisner 


"As we got older, when the money started coming in, everyone changed in different ways." -Randy Meisner 


"It takes time to heal those wounds of divorce. I don't know if they completely heal." -Randy Meisner 


"It's real hard being married and not being able to be with my family." -Randy Meisner 


"Money changes people. It all seemed too big and arrogant to me I didn't feel like a member of the group." -Randy Meisner 


"I decided I didn't need to make any more money; I had enough. And I felt I should be spending more time with my wife and kids." -Randy Meisner 

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