9 Best Inspirational Quotes Of Cristiano Ronaldo

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


"If you don't believe you are the best, then you will never achieve all that you are capable of." -Cristiano Ronaldo


"We should make the most of life, enjoy it because that’s the way it is!" -Cristiano Ronaldo


"I don't have to worry what others think. I talk when I want to. Everybody knows who I am, what I believe in." -Cristiano Ronaldo


"I have my flaws too, but I am a professional who doesn’t like to miss or lose." -Cristiano Ronaldo


"When you lose a person you love so much, surviving the loss is difficult." -Cristiano Ronaldo


"It is my conviction that here are no limits to learning, and that it can never stop, no matter what our age." -Cristiano Ronaldo


"I'm not going to change the world. You're not going to change the world. But we can help - we can all help." -Cristiano Ronaldo


"Don’t let small obstacles get in the way of being victorious. Remember you are stronger than the challenges you face." -Cristiano Ronaldo


"We cannot live being obsessed with what other people think about us. It's impossible to live like that. Not even God managed to please the entire world." -Cristiano Ronaldo

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