8 Quotes and Sayings of Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles)

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#1- "My dad and I didn't talk much. Our relationship was OK but not amazing." -Timothy B. Schmit

#2- "The Beatles were massive to me - I learned so much from them." -Timothy B. Schmit

#3- "The two most mysterious things in our lives are birth and death." -Timothy B. Schmit

#4- "I try to live in a state of being grateful as much as possible. I'm not always successful." -Timothy B. Schmit

#5- "I write songs; I record them. When I get enough, and it seems like a coherent piece, I call it an album." -Timothy B. Schmit

#6- "I'm trying to see what a gift life is and how quickly it can be extinguished, without any warning." -Timothy B. Schmit

#7- "Writing a song is work. You have to go deep in order to mine the material and dig it out." -Timothy B. Schmit

#8- "We all go through different mood changes. I've got all those emotions going like everybody else, and sometimes it gets the better of you." -Timothy B. Schmit

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