8 Famous Quotes of Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys)

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#1- "I still believe that something is right only when it feels right." -Brian Wilson

#2- "When there's love present, it's easier to deal with life." -Brian Wilson

#3- "When I can't write, it depresses me." -Brian Wilson

#4- "I'm not a genius. I'm just a hard-working guy." -Brian Wilson

#5- "Don't get married until you're certain that you're marrying the right girl." -Brian Wilson

#6- "You're called a genius by people, and then your whole life you become the part." -Brian Wilson

#7- "I always do get a little bit paranoid when I get a lot of attention. But I get used to it." -Brian Wilson

#8- "The keyboard is my whole life. My life is centered around either sitting at my keyboard or driving my car." -Brian Wilson

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