8 Famous Quotes and Sayings of Joe Walsh (The Eagles)

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"You can't be a legend in your parent's basement." -Joe Walsh


"When you're young, it's really easy to lose your perspective, which I did, really losing sight of who I was." -Joe Walsh


"You can work on an album forever, but finishing it is a whole different deal." -Joe Walsh


"The best part of success is that it got me past the basic survival level of existence so that I was comfortable." -Joe Walsh


"People often ask me if I believe in God, and I kinda have to, because I'm still here." -Joe Walsh


"My wife was the part of me that was missing. And I got that whole family that came along with her in the deal." -Joe Walsh


"You have to learn how to do everything all over again. You can measure how long that takes in terms of years." -Joe Walsh


"I don't remember everything about my life, but I'm very fortunate to have a group of friends I can rely on - they fill in the blanks." -Joe Walsh

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