8 Famous Quotes & Sayings of Glenn Frey (The Eagles)

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"People don't run out of dreams - people just run out of time." -Glenn Frey


"Without a reunion, the Eagles are forever young, like James Dean." -Glenn Frey


"Except for a few guitar chords, everything I've learned in my life that is of any value I've learned from women." -Glenn Frey


"There are only those certain people where things click - at least for me." -Glenn Frey


"People don't care how you feel. You need to paint pictures, you need to tell stories. That's what people want." -Glenn Frey


"I think that's a powerful thing, to be able to engage your audience and let them put some of themselves into the music." -Glenn Frey


"There’s another kind of poverty that only rich men know, a moral malnutrition that starves their very souls." -Glenn Frey


"Our lives are changing, this old world keeps turning. And I sit here and wonder, baby, what we’re really learning." -Glenn Frey

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