8 Famous Inspirational Quotes Of Stan Lee

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Stan Lee, who co-created many iconic Marvel characters, like Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine, the X-Men, and lots of others.

He was born on December 28, 1922, and died on November 12, 2018, at the age of 95. In memory of Stan, we are sharing his eight famous inspirational quotes.

#1- "No one has a perfect life. Everybody has something that they wish was not the way it is."  -Stan Lee

#2- If you are interested in what you do, that keeps you going."  -Stan Lee

#3- "The power of prayer is still the greatest ever known in this endless eternal universe."  -Stan Lee

#4- "Sooner or later, if man is ever to be worthy of his destiny, we must fill our hearts with tolerance."  -Stan Lee

#5- "We all wish we had superpowers. We all wish we could do more than we can do."  -Stan Lee

#6- "I’m happiest when I’m working. If I’m not working, I feel like I’m wasting my time."  -Stan Lee

#7- "Luck is a revolving door. You just need to know when it's your time to walk through."  -Stan Lee

#8- "It’s a lot of work, but if you really have it in you, it’s not like work. It becomes fun."  -Stan Lee

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