8 Best Self Inspirational Quotes of Liz Murray

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

"You are bigger than your circumstances." -Liz Murray

"Success creates opportunities for other people." -Liz Murray

"When you take charge of your own narrative, it gives you a handle on it." -Liz Murray

"Life has a way of doing that; one minute everything makes sense, the next, things change." -Liz Murray

"I've learned in my life that you really don't know what's possible until you're already doing it." -Liz Murray

"I don't really expect anyone to hand me anything. There's going to be me and the world." -Liz Murray

"There's always a way through things if you work hard enough and look close. It all depends on your level of determination." -Liz Murray

"I think there is something to be said for what you can do when you don't know what you aren't supposed to be able to do." -Liz Murray

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