7 Quotes and Sayings of Don Felder (The Eagles)

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"I try to balance work and family. As long as I'm able physically and mentally to do it, I will." -Don Felder


"When you lose a parent, the child in you dies." -Don Felder


"Take a ride on heavy metal, it's the only way that you can travel down that road." -Don Felder


"Every once in a while, it seems like the cosmos part, and something great plops into your lap." -Don Felder


"That last record I did, I think I played every guitar on the entire record. I want to do something more fun and exciting." -Don Felder


"Having a son had considerably mellowed my resentment toward Dad, making me realize how hard it was to be a parent." -Don Felder


"I was constantly in the studio at my home writing ideas that would later become 'Hotel California' or 'Victim of Love.'" -Don Felder


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