12 Things you need to know about Actress & Inventor Hedy Lamarr

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1- Hedy Lamarr was born on 9 November, 1913, in Austria-Hungary. Her real name was Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler.

2- Hedy was an Australian-American film actress of the Golden Age (1920s–60s) of Hollywood.

3- Due to her beauty and eye-catching on-screen presence, she was also referred as one of the greatest movie actresses of all time.

4- Hedy was also an inventor; during World War II, she co-developed a frequency-hopping system for wireless communication.

5- Lamarr has been interested in acting and theatre since she was a child, and at the age of 12, she won a beauty contest in Vienna.

6- At the age of 16, Hedy made her screen debut as an extra in the 1930 Rom-Com film "Money on the Street."

7- In 1933, she played the lead in the film "Ecstasy." Her film got worldwide recognition after winning an award at the Venice Film Festival.

8- Her film "Ecstasy" became controversial and was banned in America and Germany due to the nudity and overly sexual scenes.

9- From 1933 to 1965, Hedy was married six times. She first married at the age of 18. She also had 3 children.

10- During her career, Lamarr appeared in more than 30 films. Some of her well-known movies include "Samson and Delilah," "Boom Town," "Comrade X," & "Ecstasy."

11- She also wrote her autobiography, titled "Ecstasy and Me: My Life as a Woman." Her autobiography was first published in 1966.

12- Hedy Lamarr passed away on January 19, 2000. She was 85 years old at the time of her death.

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