11 Things You Need To Know About McDonald’s

Image Source: Pexels

#1- On 15 May, 1940, the first McDonald's restaurant was opened in California by Richard and Maurice McDonald.

#2- McDonald's most famous burger is "The Big Mac", which was launched by McDonald's on 22 April, 1967.

#3- McDonald's serves more than 69 million people each day globally.

#4- As of 2021, McDonald's has more than 40 thousand outlets worldwide. McDonald's has outlets around 120 countries.

#5- McDonald's is famous for its variety of burgers, but its most popular item is French fries. They serve more than 9 million pounds of fries per day.

#6- McDonald's is the world's fastest-growing food chain, with a new outlet opening every 14.5 hours.

#7- Bill Gates, Mitt Romney & Warren Buffett have the McDonald's Gold Card, with which they can get free food at McDonald's for life.

#8- "Epic McD" is the largest McDonald's, which is in Orlando, Florida. A three-story restaurant that has a total floor area of 19000 square feet.

#9- McDonald's has its own university called "Mcdonald's Hamburger University." Which was established in 1961.

#10- McDonald's has sold more than 300 billion hamburgers across all its outlets combined.

#11-  More than 2 million people work at McDonald's restaurants, worldwide. The market cap of McDonald's is approximately $200 billion.

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