10 Unknown Facts about Louisa May Alcott

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Louisa May Alcott born on 29 November, 1832. She was a well-known American novelist, poet, and story writer.


Alcott is best known as the author of Little Women, as well as its sequels Little Men (1871) and Jo's Boys (1886).


Alcott always stood up for women's rights. She was a feminist who did not marry for the rest of her life.


As a child, Alcott mostly preferred to play the boys' games. She was a tomboy in childhood.


Till 1857, Alcott and her family moved from one house to another 22 times in the span of 30 years, and again in 1858 they moved into Orchard House.


Henry David Thoreau was her writing inspiration. She also received instruction from some notable authors, like Margaret Fuller & Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Because of their poor family situation, Alcott began working at a young age as a kindergarten teacher, domestic helper, and writer.


At the time of the Civil War, Alcott also served as a nurse in the union hospital for 6 weeks. Later, she wrote about her experience in her book "Hospital Sketches."


Alcott's famous work "Little Women" was published in 1868. This book is based on her childhood experiences with her sisters. This book is still famous among children and adults.


Alcott died due to a stroke at the age of 55. She passed just two days after her father's death.


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